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2004 Toledo Sub

Most of these image were taken in the Botkins area. Some very rare catches for 2004 are in the mix. The most exciting train I remember for that year were with the two SOO Line units. They were whining coming over the hill at Botkins only doing about 10mph. Also a couple BNSF units and some CEFX thrown into the mix.

2004 Fostoria

I only visited Fostoria once in 2004, but there was a big variety of trains. This included units from Canadian Pacific, Union Pacific, RLCX, and CEFX. On NS there was a Hi-Rail sprayer that came through. On the extra CP train the trailing unit was a SD90MAC.

2004 Around Ohio

These pictures are from around a few different places including Columbus, Marysville, Sidney, Lima, and Jackson Center. The NREX engines were working on the CF&E in Lima. The crane is at the CSX van yard in Columbus along with the picture of UP 5023 and NS 3813 a SD38.

2004 Dennison Railfest

The Ohio Central puts on a show! They had most of their unique engines on display or doing passenger service. GTW 6325, the F7\'s, and E8\'s were the crowd favorites.

2003 Marysville

These pictures were taken around the Marysville area in 2003. Most were at the Honda plant.

2003 Around Ohio

Most of these images were taken on the Toledo Sub including the Provico engine at Botkins. An interesting find was the fuel tanker with the faded Chessie logo.

2003 Columbus

Included is a couple shots near downtown including Scioto Tower, which is no longer standing. The interesting Chessie equipment and Dept of Energy were found at a location near the north side of Columbus.