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Finished Coffee Table and End Table

by on Dec.31, 2012, under DIY, Woodworking

I finished both of these tables in early 2012. The end table is the WOOD magazine telephone stand plan. It went together fast since I was following a plan.

The coffee table came out really nice and I am proud of this piece. This is an original design I came up with taking some elements from the end table I built. I like craftsman style and the slat bottom is where the inspiration for that part of the table came from. I like to stick to clean lines, but not “too” shaker style like. This table I used all mortise and tenon joinery. The two drawers can be opened from either side. I used a sliding dovetail with walnut pins. The drawers are solid poplar.

I first had trouble with the finish. When I started with the top I had terrible blotching. I ended up having to sand the top down again. I ordered the Charles Neil wood treatment. This stuff works great! I was impressed. I put on two coats and hit it with 320 before staining with an oil-based red mahogany. I had to put on two coats of stain to reach the correct color. I then used a varnish satin finish.

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End table and new Bandsaw

by on Dec.24, 2011, under DIY, Woodworking

I finished the cherry end table based off of a plan in WOOD magazine. It is ready to be finished. I am waiting to finish this table when I complete the cherry coffee table I am making. I have most of the lumber milled. Yesterday I finished up the mortise and tenon for the support on the bottom. The only part I have left is the side to mortise and tenon where the drawers will fit into. I need a couple more board for the top. I purchased a new Grizzly G0555P  Bbndsaw with a riser block.  I can resaw lumber up to 12″. I resawed some stock for the slats in the bottom of the coffee table that was about 5″ thick. It cut like butter with a Timber Wolf 3tpi blade.

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Cleaning up some woodworking equipment

by on Aug.20, 2011, under DIY, Woodworking

I had to take off part of the day from work because our garage door broke and I had to come home to fix it. I took part of the afternoon to work on cleaning up the jointer I bought off Craigslist. It had a little surface rust. I got my order in from Grizzly this week for a few sanding pads along with some stuff called SlipIt (sliding compound that protects metal) . I started with a 280 grit. I then finished with a 400 grit pad. Last I applied the SlipIt and it came out slick. I did the same for my table saw top. Now I need to get my dust collector that is sitting in pieces put together.

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