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Sewer and Water Project

by on Dec.22, 2011, under General

The sewer and water project in the neighborhood was completed in October. They were still seeding grass into November. I have another round of pictures from the summer I took when they were tearing up our yard with the sewer lines and such. Our neighbors got a manhole put right in their driveway. Funny to come home one day and see a 20×20 foot hole 10 feet deep in the driveway.


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Construction in the neighborhood

by on Aug.11, 2011, under General

This is my first post for my blog. I have everything basically setup the way I want it. I still have a little more tweaking. I walked around the neighborhood tonight and took some pictures of the construction going on. They are putting sewer and water lines in the subdivision. It has been going on since early June. I think most of the water mains are in and next will be the sewer mains. Everything is a dusty mess it seems because the road is tore up. We have a wild plum tree at the back of our property. I was glad they didn’t dig it out this week. A few branches were cut off, but that was ok.

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