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End table and new Bandsaw

by on Dec.24, 2011, under DIY, Woodworking

I finished the cherry end table based off of a plan in WOOD magazine. It is ready to be finished. I am waiting to finish this table when I complete the cherry coffee table I am making. I have most of the lumber milled. Yesterday I finished up the mortise and tenon for the support on the bottom. The only part I have left is the side to mortise and tenon where the drawers will fit into. I need a couple more board for the top. I purchased a new Grizzly G0555P  Bbndsaw with a riser block.  I can resaw lumber up to 12″. I resawed some stock for the slats in the bottom of the coffee table that was about 5″ thick. It cut like butter with a Timber Wolf 3tpi blade.

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Sewer and Water Project

by on Dec.22, 2011, under General

The sewer and water project in the neighborhood was completed in October. They were still seeding grass into November. I have another round of pictures from the summer I took when they were tearing up our yard with the sewer lines and such. Our neighbors got a manhole put right in their driveway. Funny to come home one day and see a 20×20 foot hole 10 feet deep in the driveway.


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Train pictures around Ohio from 2003

by on Dec.15, 2011, under Trains

Most of these images were taken on the Toledo Sub including the Provico engine at Botkins. An interesting find was the fuel tanker with the faded Chessie logo.

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Marysville train pictures from 2003

by on Dec.11, 2011, under Trains

These pictures were taken around the Marysville area in 2003. Most were at the Honda plant.

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